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It will be just as difficult for a true Somerset person to understand you as it may be for you to understand them. Get somebody to tape you speaking - you probably won't even be able to understand yourself! Here are a few terms that are used in ordinary conversation - believe me, it won't be long before you are incorporating them into your everyday speech!

Yerr                  Yes, a greeting or pre-cursor to a sentence

Yertiz                Here it is

Wasson?           Whats on?, Whats going on?

Backalong         In the past, a while ago

Gone on            Moved along, passed away

Get on!              Stated in a surprised way - almost disbelief

Wheres he to?   Where's he(or she) going? Where you living to?- location?

Youm               You are

Innum/Inner    Isn't it, aren't you

Isser                Is it?  as in 'She stuck isser?'

Gurt                 Great, as in size - Gurt big gammon (on a pub menu)

ee                    It, as in give 'ee over 'ere

I                      Me, as in 'Give 'ee to I'

My luvver         Term of endearment  - as in 'Youm alright my luvver?'

There are plenty more examples, too many for me to include on this site. The important thing is to find out for yourself. It's the only way you can truly appreciate the people and County of Somerset.

Good luck!!