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Fitting in

Having decided to live or stay in Somerset, you have probably already checked out some books in a library, or searched the internet. Robin Bush of 'Time Team' fame is just one of many authors who have written a number of books about different aspects of the County, and they are well worth a read. It was a sentence in his Somerset Bedside Book - a collection of prose and poetry,* that gave me the idea to produce this small site: "I was not Somerset-born, but was received and made welcome by Somerset: I am its son-in-law, not son." That really sums up what living in Somerset is all about - being made to feel welcome.

The County itself is like most rural areas in Britain and finds it difficult to provide services at a reasonable cost due to the wide areas requiring support. The 'Somerset effect' is well known in parliamentary circles, and as is usually the case, every political party has all the right answers when in opposition but can't solve the problems when in power. Be prepared to pay higher council taxes in certain cases and consider the cost of transport and fuel if you are living in a remote rural location. Naturally, wages will be lower than in a metropolitan area but the cost of getting to work may be more expensive - so much for a 'London weighting' allowance for living in the Capital! The big difference in Somerset is that people have time for you.

Somerset County Council have a superb web site that will give you all types of information and links to finding out more about the County. It can be found at:



* Somerset Bedside Book by Robin Bush. Published by Dovecote Press ISBN No 1-874336-43-1